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Luxury Villas in ECR Chennai

Luxury Villas in ECR Chennai


The city is expanding to its suburban areas due to a substantial increase in civilization. East Coast Road (ECR) is one among the popular landmarks for residential developments in Chennai that has gained much attention for its strategic location, climate and market value.


Amongst high-rise buildings, shopping complexes and office establishments it is tough to find an abode with serene green environment.  Therefore, several acclaimed realtors such as NEST BUILDERS have developed luxury villas in ECR Chennai to suit the needs of the urban home seekers. These villas are built amidst fabulous beaches, golden shores and isolated neighborhood to elevate the style of living in the metropolitan.


NEST NJOY is a grand gated community comprising of more than a hundred opulent villas that are built spaciously with modern amenities. There are private terraces, gyms, swimming pools, club houses, parks, supermarkets and garden facilities right at the door. These villas provide an independent housing backdrop which eliminates the cons of small living space, congested corridors and noisy neighborhood. They can be the perfect homes for elite living in the city.


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